Dave Rose


My background is in  youth work and been providing a range of programmes, education, support and mentoring to young people in Gloucestershire for 25 years.


I've a background in Residential Social work, is BILD accredited and has worked extensively with young substance misuser's. Over the last two years, Dave has worked in partnerships with local schools and families, supporting emotional health and wellbeing concerns and issues. These include: self-esteem-bullying-substance use-body image-stress  and anxiety-self-harm and eating disorders

Most recently, I'm working extensively with young people and families using both DDP and NVR therapeutic principles to address issues around attachment and shame based behaviours as well as offering non violent resistance support to parents and siblings who experience violence and dysfunctional behaviour from their child or children.

I also have extensive experience in training parents, carers and professionals.

The service will be based in Gloucestershire but we are happy to work out of county subject to the type of support requested.