• Emotivate offers a residency which involves a set number of hours per week (usually a morning) 

  • An SLA is agreed and Emotivate only need a room or space to be able to meet with a pupils in  confidence.

  • A referral system is adapted to compliment the internal procedues of each school and a copy of our referral formin is available here, referral form.

  • Once a referral is made, Emotivate will see the pupil on the same day or at the latest, within 7 days..


  • This enables pupils to have a regular slot on the same day each week and helps establish consistency that we feel pupils have responded to positively.

  • Using the designated referral form, you can forward via e.mail (using egress please) to our admin or call us and we will make a first appintment and collect the referral then.

  • We will liaise with the school and any other agencies involved to ensure the pupil is seen on a weekly basis.​

  • Emotivate is commited to supporting pupils and students in schools, colleges and alternative provisions accross the county and will consider out of county support on request.

Residency or Retainer

External referral