Emotivate are commited to involving parents and carers throughout the intervention with your child. Most importantly, we will make every effort to encourage you to be part of the process and ensure you are never left unsupported.


Evidence and studies have showed that support from parents/carers and indeed the wider family can signifficantly improve the chaces of achieving successful outcomes for children and contribute to a brighter, healthier future personally, academically and aspirationally.


​We feel that the following information would be useful and can be secured through an alliance with both child and carers ​

  • What are the issues identified and how are they effecting the family.

  • Family structure

  • Extended family connections and level of contact with the child.

  • Level of communication (does you child offload to you or anyone else in the family)

  • Family history

  • Significant events in the childs life.

  • What would the family most like to change through this intervention

​                                                                                     Guidance

As you can see, there's some very specific and thought provoking issues here and that's why establishing the right support for you is essential at this stage. Emotivate will ensure we help you find it.

However, we can still provide continued support even if other services are deployed to both re-assure you and provide a continued level of support to your child as long as it sits within an agreed plan of action established by a lead agency. Don't worry...We will explain all this in more detail at the assessment.