Emotivate offers interventions for families who are experiencing difficulties with their children who may be displaying violent, angry or threatening behaviours towards parents, carers or siblings.

Using Non Violent Resistance principles (NVR) we aim to work with parents and carers to manage the behaviours and enable them  to de-escalate incidents and find a solution to the issues that are identified as causing the confrontation.

Parents and carers are also encouraged to resolve through identifying and illicit support from safe adults to help them through the process and eradicate the shame and embarrassment they might be feeling that enables the situation to remain or become a secret.

Please follow the links here to find out more about NVR. 

Non Violent Resistance NVR

Emotivate is delighted to be operating in schools offering an assessment and referral opportunity for pupils and families to access support for identified needs.

Using a range of therapeutic skills based approaches and counselling principles, Emotivate works with the pupil to ensure their identified issues and concerns are dealt with sensitively and considerately.

Emotivate will also aim to include the family in this process (where appropriate) offering both school and home visits.

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