Emotivate aims to reach out and support chnage in young people who are currently experiencing or troubled by a range if emotionally challenging issues and concerns.

We know that these issues may be just starting to surface and that they are presenting in the form of emotional or behavioural manners.

For some young people the issues have been long identified and that they need continued support to seek resolution.

Therefore, we offer approaches that enable them to feel safe and secure to begin the process of getting to the heart of the uncomfortable feelings they are experiencing.

We also offer interventions to support those who may be hard to reach or disengaged from support services. 

Many young people have a range of support already in place and Emotivate would like to offer additional support and approaches that compliments the exisiting work.

Please contact us if you feel we could add value to the support currently in place or begin an engagement or assessment for a young person you are concerned about.

Iif you are under 18 and would like to speak to us dirrectly about any worries, concerns or issues then please use the message option on our contact page. You dont have tell us your name but we do need a contact option that you feel safe with so as we can respond.  Further support options will be set up over the coming weeks.

If it's an emergency then please use the following options here.