We support pupils and students who present or who are known to be experiencing issues that may include: Substance missuse-Self-harm-Self esteem-Bullying-Anger-Body image-Gender-Sexual orientation-Anxiety-Family issues

There is no time stipulation around how often the pupil can be seen. Closure is subject to meeting the childs needs, pupil ending the engagement or agreed referral to another agency.

Pupils can be worked with outside of school subject to age and consent.

We are commited to providing Interventions and advocacy support to any young person who is currently under the following care plans such as: BSP, PSP, PEX, CP, CIN​. We are happy to attend and contribute to all meetings if requested and that are consensual with pupil and organisation.


Where a concern around pupil is identified at an early stage, We carry out an assessment to best gauge their needs and (where appropriate) complete and facilitate the onward appropriate referral.

We  comply with all statutory safegaurding and child protection proceedures and we ensure regular training and updates are adhered too.

Pupils will be offered confidentiality and it will be explained to them at the begining of each session. Any neccessity to breach confidentiality will be explained to the pupil and they will be given the opportunity to designate a trusted professional to share the information with. Otherwise an appropriate memebr of the staff team will be noitifed immediately.