Support For You


It's usually best to give us a ring first so as we can get an idea of the issues and any service provision that is in place for your child. So please leave a message on our contact page, give us a ring or by all means complete the Targeted Intervention referral form and e.mail back to us.


We operate an intial assessment (which takes a bout 30mins)The assessment process helps identify which type of support we feel will address you and your childs needs. As part of that assessment, we can suggest and direct you to other services and support transitions.


We can often support directly by offering options. We will consider approaches and types of intervention that might work for you both. On this page you will also see some agencies contact details and links that you might find useful if you want to have a look around for yourself.

Importatnt! Please always remember we are here to talk and listen to your concerns before any work begins. We are obviously aware that everyone's circumstances are different and money is often tight so during the assessment or intial conversation we will talk to you about costs and always remain sensitive to each individual referral.


Also, very importantly, if your child is on an existing Care Plan or CAF then we can apply to have the intervention funded through this route. We can help here too​​

Questions like: Who can help? Who can I ask? Can the school do anything? Shoud I see a doctor? Is there anything I can say or do to help? are just some of the questions parents ask themselves when they think something might be wrong.

Getting the right support isn't always easy, especially if you are just begining to have concerns around the well being of your child.